Is There Enough Time Left?


We finally had good weather and my Saturday was free the past weekend. A few of us from the team got out for ride. We did 25 miles. It was a good ride. I felt strong, especially on the hills. That is odd for me and even more so since I haven’t been able to train that much this year. I wonder if my new treatment is helping? That would be a nice side effect!

My son and I went to the gym tonight rather than ride in the high winds. We rode the stationary bikes for an hour and then lifted weights. I just hope I can get enough saddle time in the next few weeks to feel ready. I hope so.


It’s Time to Go on the Ride of Your Life … Again!


As an MS Ambassador for the 2010 Bike MS: Sam’s Club ride and a person living with multiple sclerosis, I know that one person can make a huge difference.

Thank you for riding last year.  I truly appreciate the effort you put forth training, riding and raising funds for the National MS Society.

I’m riding in 2010 and want to personally ask you to join me once again.

This year’s Bike MS: Sam’s Club rolls out May 1-2 from Frisco to Fort Worth.  Best of all and new for 2010, you have your choice of four route options: ride the entire route or a portion:

  • Full ride, both days. 164 miles.
  • One-day ride. Saturday, May 1: Ride 86 miles from Frisco to Texas Motor Speedway, then take the shuttle back to the Start Line.
  • Subway Express Route, Saturday, May 1: Ride 48 miles from Frisco to the Subway Lunch Stop then take the shuttle to Texas Motor Speedway.
  • Subway Express Route, Sunday, May 2: Take a lap around Texas Motor Speedway and keep riding 30 miles to the Subway Lunch Stop, then take the shuttle to the Sundance Square Finish Line in downtown Fort Worth.

Registration goes up April 1, so now’s a great time to save money and join more than 2,600 people who are committed to doing something about MS now.  Please join me.  Together, let’s do something to help Texas families who need our help.

Register today


Rodney Moffitt

Bike MS Ambassador

Thanks Randy White’s BBQ – At Least We’ll Have Food


Randy White’s committed to be a sponsor for the team again this year.  They are great!  It is really nice to roll across the finish line at TMS and have some great BBQ!

Jersey Time


I’ve been working on the jersey design over the past week. I like and so do Dave and Greg. We’re just waiting and keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get one or two more sponsors. We’ve only had one team sponsor from last year commit for this year.

Wow, We’re Famous!


There is an article in this month’s “The Racing Post” magazin about the BikeMS ride and it mentions the Ride Ambassadors.  They may not have mentioned our names, but still…  Here’s a link to their website, you can read about the BikeMS ride on page 7.

My First Triathlon


About a week ago one of my friends that rides on my BikeMS team sent out info to sign up for the Grapevine Triathlon.  It is a spint, but it is still intimidating to me.  I’m not much of a swimmer or runner.  My biggest fear of a Tri has been the running.  I have been numb from the waist down since I was diagnosed with MS.  I can walk okay and most people can’t notice there is anything wrong.  But running is a different story.  It is no longer just something I can automatically do.  I must really pay attention to my feet so that I won’t trip.  I think this is just another thing I feel I need to do in order to prove MS won’t get the best of me.  I did my first MS ride to prove to myself I could.  I have done the Hotter ‘N Hell bike ride three times to prove that heat won’t stop me like I’ve been told it should.  So I guess it is only fitting that I now attempt a triathlon to prove I can still run.  While most people who do a triathlon are in it for the race, I aim to just finish this one.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do okay.  At least I know I can do the bike ride without any problems.

2010 Kickoff Party


We had a team party this past Friday to get excited about this year’s ride.  It was great to recognize some of the riders from last year’s team and welcome some new faces for this year.  Now it is starting to feel like we are getting started this year.  It has been hard to get into getting ready with the weather.  It’s hard to get excited about getting on the bike when there is snow on the ground.  I’m ready to get out and ride!!